about longfeltwant

longfeltwant is the love child of ink and squeegee. Nonchalant animals, francophilia and miscellanea are forced through thousands of tiny holes on to paper, card and fabric to bring handmade joy to lovely people. 

It all started back in 2011 when generous colleagues gave me the leaving gift of a screen printing workshop (apparently I had inadvertently been leaving hints for a while...). After that I signed up to as many evening classes as possible. On one of those evenings I printed a badger for a friend’s birthday and it made me stupidly happy... and I've been hooked ever since.

The animals just started flowing: dressage pony after lobster after party pigeon after polar bear...  And the thing about screen printing is that there’s no point spending all that time preparing to make just one print, you might as well do a sneaky edition. And then you might as well share it with the world... Which is why we’re here.

So now it’s now and I still get excited when I lift up my screen to uncover new tones and spaces created by overlaying, and the big bold blocky colour the technique lends itself to so delightfully, plus the tiny details of little eyes and toes and beaks.

Over time my nonchalant herd of animals has begun to find itself infiltrated by the occasional croissant and French phrase. I have a lot of love for France and all things French having lived there for several years. So I suppose the francophilia [franco: relating to France and -philia: fondness] side of things is an attempt to hang on to the buttery sunshine-filled memories... And everything’s a little bit sexier and more mysterious in another language, n’est-ce pas?  

longfeltwant has now left its London roots – I’m currently living and working in the canal-lined Dutch city of Utrecht and continuing to create hand screen printed work for lovers of all that's handmade, bright and a little bit ridiculous.   

You’ll find me behind a stall at the odd market and regularly popping up on Instagram @longfeltwant. So come and find me, or drop me a line. I’m always happy to hear about your ideas, potential commissions and other such opportunities!